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Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is a world-renowned university based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with cutting-edge science and innovative technologies. As a student organization established at CMU, CMU IEA aims to encourage academic, business and governmental collaboration between the United States and China, as well as to facilitate business and technological developments in both countries. Since 2012, our annual conference has been one of the largest, top-tier Innovation and Entrepreneurship conferences in the U.S., featuring events such as Panel Discussion , Keynote Speech, New Venture Competition, Job Fair, and Startup Demo that got many of the top industry elites involved.

CMU Summit consists of eight departments, providing companies with various choices and professional services. Since our members include undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students from numerous different majors, CMU Summit has abundant CMU resources to offer. Becoming a sponsor for us will help you gain access to exceptional CMU talents, high-quality startups, and other beneficial opportunities.

Since 2012, We have attracted:

  • 7000+ Entrepreneurs, Scholars, and Students from 40+ Cities in the U.S. and China
  • 700+ Startups for the New Venture Competition
  • 400+ High-profile Speakers from Industries and Academia
  • 100+ Media Outlets Coverage Across the U.S. and China

The 8th CMU summit will highlight:

  • 1000+ Audience
  • 150+ Startups Gathered for the New Venture Competition
  • 100+ Collaborators and Partners
  • 10+ Leading Research Institute Tours & Networking Opportunites
  • 5 High Technology Panels
  • 3 Keynote Speeches & Fireside Chats


Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
United States


contact information:

Official Email: cmuiea.external@gmail.com

External Chair | Wenna Qin (秦文娜):

Email: wennaq@andrew.cmu.edu

Phone: +1 (412) 628-7026

Liaison Associate Director | Stella Weng (翁馨慈):

Email: xinciw@andrew.cmu.edu

Phone: +1 (440) 715-0705

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