*Our 8th CMU IEA Fall International Career Fair*

On November 16, 2018, our Career Department here at CMU IEA will hold an International Career Fair on campus (Pittsburgh, PA). We have conducted such career fairs in the past two years and are anticipating more than 1000 students from diverse backgrounds to join us in the event. We assist companies with public relations, including posters and posts on our official accounts. We will provide a recruitment booth at the scene of the Career Fair, and will also aid in following up on the connection between companies and talents. Given our research, we believe your company will be an exceptional fit for this event. Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to recruit talented people from CMU (and other colleges in Pittsburgh)!

 Career Fair at 7th & 6th April Summit

Career Fair at 7th & 6th April Summit


  • More international focus

  • Various background

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Booth Inquiries

WeChat: Syy_9898 | Email: yuyuans@andrew.cmu.edu