Startup Name: Gridwise

Startup Category: Data Analytics


Description: Gridwise (Techstars Mobility ‘17) increases rideshare drivers earnings 39% by leveraging data analytics and community to help them better understand when and where to drive. Our app is made for the 20M+ ridehailing drivers who drive for the 50+ on-demand services worldwide. By collecting driver activity data across these services, our product enables us to build the Google Analytics of on-demand mobility for the purpose providing data-driven solutions to fleet operators, rideshare companies, insurance providers, and autonomous systems. We have signed an MOU with an Auto OEM, are in an active pilot with a rideshare company, and are in actively discussing proof of concepts with other enterprises involving the use of our mobility data and distribution to on-demand drivers. Our driver app is live in Pittsburgh and Washington DC with a penetration of 70% & 20% in each respective market.

Contact Person: Ryan Green| Email:

Association: CMU Alumni / Semi