The Incubator Tour is a preparation event for the hack-a-startup competition. It will be held during the week before the competition at a Pittsburgh local incubator. It provides opportunities for students to learn more about the entrepreneurship industry. Participants will learn from the professionals on how to develop their ideas into businesses. Professional instructor at the incubator will first give a speech on innovation and entrepreneurship and briefly introduce the incubator. During the incubator tour, participants will be able to learn about previous success stories as well as current projects on early-stage companies. Participants will also have the chance to talk with funds, investors and industry experts at the incubator.


Time: October 26, 2018, 12:30PM - 2:00PM

Location: AlphaLab


Audience Register 12:30 PM
Introduction Speech 1:00 PM
Incubator Tour 1:15 PM
Networking Time 1:45 PM

Audience Register:

Introduction Speech:

Incubator Tour:

Networking time:

12:30 pm

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1:15 pm

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