Entrepreneurs are individuals who found and operate small business while assuming all risks and rewards of the venture. They are also considered to be innovators who generate new ideas and strategies to develop their startups. Years ago, new ventures were mostly focused on the technical industries, such as Robotics and AI. However, the industry’s focus has being
shifting out of this barrier in recent years, which largely increased the amount of startups. Running a startup isn’t an easy task. There are numerous risks and obstacles along the way. Therefore the CMU Summit on US - China Innovation and Entrepreneurship decides to host the IE Panel for the purpose of bringing together successful startup leaders, major venture capitalists, and young entrepreneurs to share their experience as well as insights toward the entrepreneurial industry. We look forward to connect investors and entrepreneurs from both the United States and China.


Panel Subtopics

  • Entrepreneurial Experience
  • Major Innovation Trends
  • Current Business Opportunities
  • Venture Capitalism
  • Financing New Ventures

Guest Speakers


Claire Xiong

  • Director, Strategic Partnerships, Zhuiyi Tech Inc

Sam Wang

  • President, NewDo Venture

Tony Gao

  • Co-founder, EasyTransfer Limited

Chenyang Xu

  • IEEE Fellow
  • Managing Partner & Chief Technology Advisor, PV MedTech Former General Manager, Siemens Technology to Business

Maxim Likhachev

  • Research Associate Professor, Robotics Institute, CMU
  • Co-founder, RobotWits



Lorenzo Soletti

  • President and CEO, Renerva, LLC