Startup Name: MicroHAOPs Inc.

Startup Category: Environmental Engineering


Description: MicroHAOPs is an environmental technology startup based in Seattle WA, focusing on challenges of wastewater treatment efficacy in China. Our core innovation includes a novel treatment material and a proprietary dosing scheme that can vastly improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment, particularly the removal of chemical oxygen demand (COD), phosphorus and color. Differentiated from conventional processes, namely coagulation that takes up about 90 plus percent of the market share, our technology not only addresses the issue of removal efficacy, it can also increase the total productivity by 400% and decrease the maintenance demand by a factor of 50, which saves water, money and energy. According to a preliminary economic analysis, compared to existing technologies, our process saves roughly 25% on both the capital expense and operational cost for treatment plants.

Contact Person: Nathan Cai | Phone Number: 206-617-9581 | Email:

Association: Semifinalist