Robotics Fireside Chat

Over years, the potential role in boosting the productivity and competitiveness of robotics technologies have been foreseen in the evolving global marketplace. Since the establishment of CMU Robotics Institute (CMU RI) in 1979, it has been a world leader of robotics research for 39 years. CMU RI is a worldwide hub of robotics research, and the largest university robotics research group
in the world. The unique expertise of CMU RI places it at the forefront of robot technology transfer, actively maturing concepts to commercialization.

Today, the center of robotics innovation, Martial Hebert, Professor and Director of CMU RI, and Chris Evdemon, Partner and CEO of Sinovation Ventures are going to share their insights on sensing and perception, human-centered robotics, manipulation and interfaces, and industry trends.


Panel Subtopics

  • Robotics Research and Technology Transfer at CMU
  • Industry & Investment Trends

Guest Speakers


Martial Hebert

  • Director at the Robotics Institute, CMU


Chris Evdemon

  • CEO, Sinovation Ventures North America