Startup Name: SwineTech, Inc.

Startup Category: Ag Tech/IOT



Description: SwineTech is an agricultural tech company that focuses on swine health. SwineTech CEO, Matthew Rooda, has been working with pigs his whole life, and has witnessed thousands of the die. In 2017, more than 80 million piglets died from getting crushed by their moms and that resulted in the loss of 22.5 billion pounds of pork. SwineTech's product, SmartGuard, solves this problem by using machine learning, audio processing, and mesh networking to prevent baby piglets from dying. In addition to its anti-crushing technology they provide real time health and behavior tracking. They also provides precise tracking of sows and piglets through artificial intelligence (machine vision). SwineTech's collective customers represent 19.5% of the United States Pork Industry. China is the world's largest pork producer and SwineTech looks to expand its business to the largest pork producers.

Contact Person: Matthew Rooda | Phone Number: 6416700774 | Email:

Association: Semifinalist

Rating: B